Reminder - Digital Publishing Suite (DPS) will End of Life on August 31st, 2019. 
Advanced featured Digital Publishing Suite content
Sending push notifications with DPS (Updated)
Shikha Bhargava (Jun 12, 2014)
Learn how to send targeted text messages to specific sets of readers of your DPS apps.
Updated: DPS Analytics White Paper 
Adobe (May 20, 2014)
Learn how the analytics service can help you optimize your digital publishing suite content for greater business impact.
Integrating Social Sharing into DPS Apps
Kristy Duncan (Mar 14, 2014)
Enable readers to share articles directly from the DPS app with their friends through a variety of social networks.
Updated: SiteCatalyst DPS Report Guide
Shikha Bhargava (Mar 14, 2014)
Use SiteCatalyst to access your collected data and generate reports that help you analyze client interactions.
New Consumer Marketing APIs
Scott Dreier (Feb 11, 2014)
Learn how to use new APIs introduced in December, 2013, enabling you to detect the other installed apps on iOS devices, leverage new device identifiers, pass parameters into DPS apps, and open links in Mobile Safari.
Introduction to DPS Bridge, a module for Drupal
DPCI (Dec 13, 2013)
Learn how to create and publish DPS content using a free Drupal 7 module called DPS Bridge. Includes detailed step-by-step instructions for installation & configuration, folio management, and publishing.
Introduction to Adobe Experience Manager Media Publisher and DPS
Steve Hart (Dec 13, 2013)
Learn how to use Adobe Experience Manager to create folio content and publish it directly to DPS. Create and edit DPS content using only AEM templates, or combine with high-design content created with InDesign for a powerful hybrid approach.
Notification Station with Amazon AMI
Scott Dreier (Oct 15, 2013)
Send broadcast or segmented Text Alerts or Background Download Notifications to DPS Push Enabled applications.
Using Apple push notifications with Digital Publishing Suite
Scott Dreier (Sep 15, 2013)
Leverage Apple Push Notifications in your Adobe DPS app to notify users of new issues becoming available and trigger Newsstand background downloads.
Direct entitlement starter kit (Updated)
Scott Dreier (Jul 31, 2013)
Implement a concrete example of direct entitlement that illustrates the basic interface and requirements.
Building multi-rendition articles (May 2013)
Colin Fleming (May 02, 2013)
Learn how to make a single folio to look good on both standard definition (SD) and high definition (HD) iPad and iPhone devices.
Build a horizontal swipe storefront
Derek Lu (Mar 15, 2013)
Build an iOS storefront that enables users to swipe horizontally through pages and view a folio preview when they tap a cover.

Styling the HTML library template with Dreamweaver
Derek Lu (Jan 15, 2013)
Learn how to customize the CSS styles of a DPS custom library implementation.
NEW: DPS System Status Page
(Dec 13, 2012)
A new page that displays current DPS system status for all DPS services, including App Builder, Upload, Publishing, Push Notifications, Content Distribution, and more.
Horizontal swipe storefront – Version 1
Derek Lu (Aug 28, 2012)
Version 1 of an iOS storefront enables users to swipe horizontally through pages and view a folio preview when they tap a cover.
Using Mobile Device Management (MDM) Solutions with DPS
James Lockman (Jul 11, 2012)
Learn how to use Mobile Device Management (MDM) Solutions with Digital Publishing Suite.
UPDATED: Tablet publishing on the new iPad
Colin Fleming (May 31, 2012)
Best practices for using Adobe Digital Publishing Suite to publish to the new iPad.
Self-signed Adobe content viewer: How-to
Colin Fleming (May 16, 2012)
Learn to use Adobe Digital Publishing Suite and third-party tools to build a self-signed Adobe Content Viewer for your iPad.

Enhance your DPS folios with HTML animations using Edge
Raghu Thricovil (May 15, 2012)
Learn how to bring Edge web-standards animations into DPS to create articles for mobile platforms including Android and iOS.

Integrate publishing workflows and editorial systems with DPS
Roger Risdal (May 03, 2012)
Learn how to integrate your publishing workflow or editorial system with Adobe Digital Publishing Suite.
Custom storefront hands-on tutorial (Version 1 API)
Klaasjan Tukker (May 03, 2012)
Learn the basics of Storefront customization for Adobe Digital Publishing Suite.
New Production Features, May 2012 
Adobe Systems, Inc. (May 01, 2012)
New features include background publishing, a new interface, and options to control both article sharing and TOC listings.
New Sharing Features, May 2012 
Adobe Systems, Inc. (May 01, 2012)
An overview of sharing in DPS apps, controling what is shared and paywall setup, and how sharing works from an iPad.

New Design Features, May 2012 
Adobe Systems, Inc. (May 01, 2012)
New features include iPhone authoring, renditions for multiple devices, and new workflows for InDesign to generate alternate layouts for these devices.

New Viewer Features, May 2012 
Adobe Systems, Inc. (May 01, 2012)
An overview of new features found in Viewer Builder including: building Viewers for iPhone, universal iOS Viewers, adding artwork for HD apps, and some sharing controls.

Restricted distribution and LDAP integration: Reference implementation
Derek Lu (Apr 30, 2012)
Learn how to integrate Adobe Digital Publishing Suite restricted distribution and LDAP.

Enabling promotional entitlement with Digital Publishing Suite
Scott Dreier (Apr 09, 2012)
Learn to use leverage the direct entitlement feature to give users free access to a single folio within your DPS app via a promotional offer.

Using restricted distribution with Digital Publishing Suite
Klaasjan Tukker (Mar 19, 2012)
Learn how to distribute content to a specific group of readers, based on their user profiles or credentials.

Distribute enterprise iOS viewer applications
Derek Lu (Mar 19, 2012)
Distribute enterprise viewer applications directly to your end users from your own hosted website.

Building a Custom Storefront (Version 1 API)
Scott Dreier (Mar 06, 2012)
Learn the basics for creating a custom storefront in Digital Publishing Enterprise Edition.

Leveraging direct entitlement
Scott Dreier (Feb 29, 2012)
Direct entitlement extends digital content to your existing print subscribers, deepening your relationship and increasing your ability to reach them with special offers.

Adding Digital Publishing Suite apps to Apple Newsstand
Bob Bringhurst (Feb 29, 2012)
Learn to create or edit a Digital Publishing Suite subscription viewer app for Apple Newsstand: set your app to charge per issue, per subscription duration, or as a free subscription.