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10 June 2013

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We introduced the ability to embed the web viewer directly into your publication's website and to expose your library there as well.  This meant that when you used social sharing features, the readers could now see the content in the full context of your publication, not just on a generic page, and you can have more control over that end user experience.
We received feedback from our customers telling us that it would be better if this API was more in line with the API used to build custom stores and libraries in native viewers.  With the upcoming release of R27 in July 2013, we are doing just that.  Existing embedded web viewer experiences and browser-based library experiences will still continue to work – until the subsequent release (R28).  At which point this original API will stop working entirely.
So if you want to want to tailor's your publication browser-based experience, you have two choices:
  • Defer your implementation of the embedded web viewer or browser library until R27 (scheduled for mid-July)
  • Implement your tailored browser-based experience today, then migrate to the new API before the R28 release (scheduled for late September).

Scope of the API change

In order to align this API with its native counter-part, expect the following changes in R27:
  • The two top-level classes are renamed (Bridge becomes frameService and Store becomes Library).
  • Some property names and method names in these classes have changed. For example,  initFrame() becomes createFrame().
  • Some methods that were previously invoked in the context of the class will now be invoked in the context of a specific instance of that class. For example, Bridge.destroyFrame will become Frame.dispose().
Note: there may be other changes or new features introduced in R27 that are not described in this document. For customers that used the examples provided in the DevNet articles as this template, we will release the same templates with the R27 release, so it should be fairly easy to make the transition.
  • Some methods and properties will be removed (either because the class was streamlined, or properties that were un-necessarily marked as public revert to private).
  • Limited almost exclusively to the Library portion of the API, a few of the property types will change: dates will become Date objects,  and 'isFree' will change from a boolean to entitlementType (index).
Some things won't change at all:
  • The sequence of your code will be unaffected.
  • How you invoke the embedded web viewer won't change (and the initialization parameters are unaffected by this change).
  • Cascading style sheets you've implemented won't need to be updated.
  • Your redirect page won't need to be updated (unless it embeds the web viewer or accesses the library of course).

Where to go from here

Check out the two DevNet articles, the existing SDK documentation, and upcoming articles on how to further refine your desktop web viewing experience.  And then check back here when R27 is released for updates!
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