Reminder - Digital Publishing Suite (DPS) will End of Life on August 31st, 2019. 

DPS Analytics FAQ


What is Adobe Analytics?
Adobe Analytics is a family of products that provides robust measurement of user interactions with digital experiences. It offers measurement of web, mobile web, mobile apps, and Adobe Digital Publishing Suite (DPS). It also offers robust analytics for offline data such as point of purchase and other retail operations. Learn more.
Can I track my Single Edition app?
DPS Pro and Enterprise customers can build Single Edition apps that will collect analytics. While Creative Cloud Members can build Single Edition apps, those apps will not collect analytics.
Does the built-in DPS Analytics require an Adobe Analytics account?
Is DPS Analytics included with my DPS purchase?
DPS Pro and Enterprise customers have access to built-in Baseline Analytics on Adobe Digital Publishing Suite Dashboard.
Can I use Adobe Analytics (Site Catalyst) with my DPS account?
DPS Pro or Enterprise customers that have an existing Adobe Analytics account have an option to use SiteCatalyst with their DPS applications.
Will I be able to use Baseline and SiteCatalyst analytics at the same time?
What are the differences between the Baseline and SiteCatalyst Analytics reports?
See a chart at the DPS analytics tutorial.
Where can I learn more about how to configure my content for Analytics?
Learn more at the DPS analytics tutorial.
Where can I learn more about how to use SiteCatalyst with DPS?
The Adobe SiteCatalyst Digital Publishing Report Guide is a complete guide to SiteCatalyst analytics and DPS. It provides detailed information about reportable events, customization and configuration, offline reporting for Web Content Overlays, and report suites.
How do I ensure that I am using SiteCatalyst for my DPS application?
In order to use SiteCatalyst with DPS, DPS Pro or Enterprise customers must provide thier SiteCatalyst Company Name, which is your account identifier in SiteCatalyst, when they create a new DPS application. If you do not provide your Company Name when you create your new DPS application, your analytics will not be bound to your company's SiteCatalyst account. For full details, see the DPS analytics tutorial.
Is it possible to migrate my application's Baseline reporting to SiteCatalyst?
It is possible to migrate your application's reporting to Site Catalyst. You will need your Company Name, your DPS Application ID (the AdobeID that is used to publish your application), and the report suite ID from your Account Administration page in the Adobe Digital Publishing Suite Dashboard. You will need to contact DPS technical support and provide this information along with your request to enable SiteCatalyst reporting.
Will all of my existing report data transfer to SiteCatalyst?
SiteCatalyst and DPS use several data centers to collect and analyze data from your applications. If your company's SiteCatalyst account resides in the same data center as your Base Analytics account, then after data migration you should be able to see historical reporting when you view your application in SiteCatalyst. If your company's SiteCatalyst account resides in a different data center than your Baseline Analytics account, then the data transfer will be evaluated on a case by case bases as there are technical hurdles to moving data from one data center into another.
Can I use other analytics services to measure my DPS publications?
SiteCatalyst analytics is hard-wired into every DPS publication made with a Pro or Enterprise account. As a result, Adobe Analytics is easy to use, automatic, and works whether the reader is online and offline. Using other services is technically possible by making Web Content overlays to report activities to external services. In order to have offline event reporting, you would need to create an offline event caching mechanism. In addition, tracking the full range of activity that is available automatically with DPS Analytics will require extensive coding.