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Prerequisite knowledge
Experience developing iOS viewers with Digital Publishing Suite. Experience in development of viewer apps with a custom storefront and direct entitlement are preferable.
Additional required other products
  • Android devices
  • Macintosh to run DPS App Builder
Original publication date: 05/30/2013
Modified: 07/15/2013 (Change log)
User level: Intermediate
You can create DPS apps for Android devices using two different viewer types: native Android viewers and legacy (AIR-based) Android viewers.

Native Android viewers

The new native version of the Android app supports phones and tablets running Android 4.0.3 or later. To create a native Android app, use the Web-based DPS App Builder as described in this article.

Legacy Android viewers

The AIR-based Android viewer includes a number of performance and device limitations. If you still need to create an AIR-based Android viewer, use the desktop DPS App Builder.

Support for both viewer types

For a time, Adobe will continue to support both of these Android viewer types. However, the legacy Android viewer will remain on the v29 viewer code base until it is no longer supported.

Note that two different versions of the Adobe Content Viewer are available in Google Play Store. The native app is called "Adobe Content Viewer for Android" and the legacy app is called "Adobe Content Viewer for Android (legacy)."

Resources for building DPS apps for Android

Change log
April 2014: Overhauled article to reflect the new native Android viewers, changes in supported features, and links to relevant and up to date DPS help documents.
7/15: Updated article for new Android feature support in R26 (May 2013) and R27 (July 2013)
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