Reminder - Digital Publishing Suite (DPS) will End of Life on August 31st, 2019. 
DPS offers many capabilities to help publishers drive reader acquisition and retention, including First Folio Free, Free Article Preview, Social Sharing, and Embedded Web Viewer.

Best practices for driving readership with Digital Publishing Suite
David Schmidt (Jul 30, 2014)
Learn about all of the readership-related techniques available to DPS publishers, as well as examples of how to combine these tactics together into a comprehensive strategy. Includes references to a multitude of “how-to” resources which include implementation guidance as well as sample code and templates.

DPS driving readership tutorials and articles



Triggering Background Downloads via Push for iOS8 Viewers
James Lockman (Nov 25, 2014)
Learn how to push folios to iOS Viewers outside of Apple’s Newsstand.
Configuring the Alternate Free Article Preview Experience
Ivan Mironchuk (Sep 08, 2014)
Learn how to activate an alternative Free Article Preview experience which makes it easier for readers to browse free article content in a folio.
Resizing the Embedded Web Viewer
Brian Chaikelson (Sep 08, 2014)
Learn how to make the DPS embedded web viewer fit to the size of the browser window, insuring that the entire page and navigation footer always appears.
Sending push notifications with DPS (Updated)
Shikha Bhargava (Jun 12, 2014)
Learn how to send targeted text messages to specific sets of readers of your DPS apps.
New Consumer Marketing APIs
Scott Dreier (Feb 11, 2014)
Learn how to use new APIs introduced in December, 2013, enabling you to detect the other installed apps on iOS devices, leverage new device identifiers, pass parameters into DPS apps, and open links in Mobile Safari.
Getting started with a welcome screen
Derek Lu (Dec 06, 2013)
Learn how to create a custom welcome screen for new iOS readers to do things like inform them about First Folio Free, automatically download and view an issue, request contact information, and more.
Integrating Social Sharing into DPS Apps
Kristy Duncan (Mar 14, 2014)
Enable readers to share articles directly from the DPS app with their friends through a variety of social networks.
Personal Data Collection within DPS Apps
Scott Dreier (Oct 15, 2013)
Learn how to collect email, name, zipcode or other Personally Identifiable information (PII) from consumers of your DPS application.
Notification Station with Amazon AMI
Scott Dreier (Oct 15, 2013)
Send broadcast or segmented Text Alerts or Background Download Notifications to DPS Push Enabled applications.
User interface best practices for building iOS DPS apps
Adobe (Sep 27, 2013)
Recommendations for taking advantage of DPS features to provide an effective, consistent, and user-friendly experience.
Free Article Preview
Kristy Duncan, Derek Lu (Sep 09, 2014)
Learn how to use the new Free Article Preview feature to give readers a free taste of your content while being prompted to buy or subscribe.
Embedding web viewer content in your web page
Allen Ellison (Jul 15, 2013)
Learn how to embed the Adobe Content Viewer for Web onto your own website and integrate it into your own brand experience.
Promoting free content to gain new readership
Tara Knight (May 01, 2013)
Learn about the different ways that DPS allows publishers to get free premium content into the hands of readers at the earliest point of entry to help gain new paying customers.
Measure app promotion success by Campaign ID
Ramin Firoozye (Mar 11, 2013)
Learn how to use eMagazines Insight with your folios to measure app installs and in-app purchases by Campaign ID.
Adding Digital Publishing Suite apps to Apple Newsstand
Bob Bringhurst (Feb 29, 2012)
Learn to create or edit a Digital Publishing Suite subscription viewer app for Apple Newsstand: set your app to charge per issue, per subscription duration, or as a free subscription.
Using Apple push notifications with Digital Publishing Suite
Scott Dreier (Sep 15, 2013)
Leverage Apple Push Notifications in your Adobe DPS app to notify users of new issues becoming available and trigger Newsstand background downloads.


DPS driving readership videos



Application welcome screen for iOS
Colin Fleming (Jan 11, 2014)
Learn how to greet readers with a custom HTML welcome screen when your app is launched for the first time, and when you update your app.
Segmented Adobe push text notifications
Colin Fleming (Jan 11, 2014)
See how you can target specific reader segments with custom messages using the new Segmented Push capability .
Driving DPS Readership - Part 1
David Schmidt (Nov 15, 2013)
A video presentation of the “Best practices for driving readership with DPS” document. Part 1 covers ways to generate awareness of, and drive traffic to, publishers' DPS apps. It also reviews ways to maximize readers’ engagement with their content.
Driving DPS Readership - Part 2
David Schmidt (Nov 15, 2013)
Part 2 of the video presentation of “Best practices for driving readership with DPS.” Covers techniques for collecting DPS readers’ contact info & ways to send them targeted communications, leading to increased conversion, renewals and cross-selling.
Pinterest Social Sharing
Colin Fleming (Jul 15, 2013)
Drive new readership and interest in your content through new social sharing integration with Pinterest, available for iPad and iPhone.
MAX 2013: From print to digital media--Building a digital publishing business
Bill Mickey (May 08, 2013)
Watch a panel of publishing experts in a discussion about the impact of digital publishing on the magazine and newspaper industry. Hear case studies from leading publishers who are using DPS to transform their publishing business.
MAX 2013: Engaging your customers and employees with mobile apps
Melissa Webster (May 07, 2013)
Learn strategies and best practices from a panel of digital publishing executives from top corporations and agencies. Learn how these experts drive customer and employee engagement through DPS apps.
Free Article Preview
Colin Fleming (May 02, 2013)
Pique readers’ interest with selected free articles and encourage them to pay for premium content with upsell prompts as they navigate from free article to other articles in the publication.
Embed publications within websites
Colin Fleming (May 02, 2013)
Extend the reach of your publication by embedding it on your website. Include surrounding design elements that convey a consistent, on-message and branded experience for your customers.