Reminder - Digital Publishing Suite (DPS) will End of Life on August 31st, 2019. 
Send text notifications to readers’ devices and trigger background downloads for apps in Apple’s Newsstand.

Using the example code for the DPS Push Notification API
Mike Yang (Mar 05, 2015)
Learn how to push notifications in a programmatic way to Apps built with Adobe DPS.
Sending push notifications with DPS (Updated)
Shikha Bhargava (Jun 12, 2014)
Learn how to send targeted text messages to specific sets of readers of your DPS apps.
Information Screen & Scheduled Text Notifications 
(Mar 15, 2014)
Video overview covering new features for scheduling and targeting text notifications, as well as the new Information Screen capability.
Segmented Adobe push text notifications
Colin Fleming (Jan 11, 2014)
See how you can target specific reader segments with custom messages using the new Segmented Push capability.
Customizing Push Notifications for iOS Apps
James Lockman (Nov 07, 2013)
Learn how to trigger custom sounds in your iOS DPS app via push notifications.
Adobe Push Notification in DPS
Colin Fleming (Sep 14, 2013)
Watch a video overview of DPS' new built-in support for text push notifications to iOS devices.
Using Amazon EC2 as a DPS Push Provider
Scott Dreier (Jul 26, 2013)
An Amazon managed instance to host the Urban Airship push connector.
Using Urban Airship as a DPS Push Provider
Scott Dreier (Jul 22, 2013)
Learn how to leverage Urban Airship’s service to send iOS Alert notifications and trigger Newsstand downloads to iOS devices.
Using Apple push notifications with Digital Publishing Suite
Scott Dreier (Sep 15, 2013)
Leverage Apple Push Notifications in your Adobe DPS app to notify users of new issues becoming available and trigger Newsstand background downloads;
Adding Digital Publishing Suite apps to Apple Newsstand
Bob Bringhurst (Feb 29, 2012)
Learn to create or edit a Digital Publishing Suite subscription viewer app for Apple Newsstand: set your app to charge per issue, per subscription duration, or as a free subscription.