Reminder - Digital Publishing Suite (DPS) will End of Life on August 31st, 2019. 
Leverage a world-wide network of certified partners that sell & support DPS, and provide a range of services and solutions.

Entitlement Management System for Adobe DPS Enterprise by Dalai, Inc.
Dalai, Inc. (Oct 28, 2014)
An entitlement and user authentication solution that manages the restricted and private distribution of digital publications published with Adobe DPS.
Entitlement Server by schaffrath median
Schaffrath median (Oct 13, 2014)
Enables real-time authentication for customers, employees or subscribers of your app.
MPP Global Solutions - Digital Content Monetization for DPS applications
(Mar 11, 2014)
MPP is a leading provider of Customer Relationship Management, Payment and eCommerce solutions to the Media and Entertainment sectors. MPP can now provide universal and secure eCommerce solutions for DPS customers and users. 
Topix AG – Experts for tailored Mobile Publishing solutions
(Nov 25, 2013)
As a Mobile Publishing competence center, Topix provides a full set of solutions and customization, automation and integration expertise. In addition Topix is the perfect partner in project support and training.
AWT System Entitlement Solution
(Jun 13, 2013)
A hosted entitlement solution for your Digital Publishing Suite applications.
crossIP - PDF4DPS workflow
(Nov 21, 2012)
Full automated PDF4DPS conversion and publication workflow, with optional high availability and clusterable Entitlement & Subscription solution.
Ensemble -- We have your DPS solution
(Apr 24, 2013)
We offer custom DPS storefronts & entitlement management, advanced workflow and scripting, folio review & markup, & integrations with Adobe CQ & other CMS.
MEI - Digital Publishing Solutions
(Apr 24, 2013)
MEI specializes in multi-channel publishing solutions for any output—tablet, mobile, print and Web—and offers creative services and digital solutions with Adobe® DPS and MEI Portico™, the app experience management platform for advanced storefronts.
WoodWing Software - Stay Ahead
(Apr 04, 2013)
WoodWing develops multi-channel publishing and digital asset management solutions for publishers, agencies and marketing departments to reach their goals for quality, economy and time-to-market.
The Saints - DPS Solution Provider
(Oct 29, 2012)
Advanced Custom Storefronts and Library views with CMS, and Basic and Advanced Entitlement Solutions (SaaS).
vjoon K4 - The easy way to produce tablet editions
(Oct 29, 2012)
Professional solution for digital publishing, targeted at enterprise customers using highly automated workflows in order to benefit from time and cost savings.