Reminder - Digital Publishing Suite (DPS) will End of Life on August 31st, 2019. 
Learn how to take advantage of the powerful APIs available in DPS via this collection of informative articles.

A useful overview of the DPS APIs available to HTML and JavaScript, covering both the “Library and Store API” and the “Reading API.”
New APIs and features in r30
Derek Lu (Mar 10, 2014)
Learn about new DPS capabilities for dialog boxes, transparent web views, folio navigation, article metadata, and calendar/reminder events.
New Consumer Marketing APIs
Scott Dreier (Feb 11, 2014)
Learn how to use new APIs introduced in December, 2013, enabling you to detect the other installed apps on iOS devices, leverage new device identifiers, pass parameters into DPS apps, and open links in Mobile Safari.
Getting started with a welcome screen
Derek Lu (Dec 06, 2013)
Learn how to create a custom welcome screen for new iOS readers to do things like inform them about First Folio Free, automatically download and view an issue, request contact information, and more.
Free Article Preview
Kristy Duncan, Derek Lu (Sep 09, 2014)
Learn how to use the new Free Article Preview feature to give readers a free taste of your content while being prompted to buy or subscribe.
Analyzing DPS Fulfillment Reports using PivotTables
Adobe (Oct 07, 2013)
Learn how to use a spreadsheet pivot table to organize and analyze the raw data of your DPS fulfillment reports.
Measure app promotion success by Campaign ID
Ramin Firoozye (Mar 11, 2013)
Learn how to use eMagazines Insight with your folios to measure app installs and in-app purchases by Campaign ID.
Getting started with the v2 Library and Store API
Derek Lu (Jan 10, 2014)
Get a quick overview of the Library and Store API and get started with a sample implementation.
Debugging a custom iOS storefront or library
Derek Lu (Mar 11, 2013)
Learn the basics of debugging your Digital Publishing Suite custom store or library for iOS.
Getting started with the camera API
Derek Lu (Sep 14, 2013)
Learn how to use the new Camera API to deliver richer experiences to your readers by allowing them integrate images from the iPad or iPhone camera and camera roll into your folios.
Getting Started with the geolocation API
Derek Lu (Jul 15, 2013)
Learn how to leverage GPS data on iOS to deliver folios or specific content within folios based on device location.
Direct entitlement starter kit (Updated)
Scott Dreier (Jul 31, 2013)
Implement a concrete example of direct entitlement that illustrates the basic interface and requirements.
Rapidly create folios using a PDF-to-InDesign script (Updated)
David Schmidt (Dec 07, 2013)
Automate the process of converting PDF files into InDesign files for easy to import into Folio Producer.