1 November 2007

After Adobe's monumental acquisition of Macromedia, I developed a growing interest in Adobe® Flex™. This was primarily because Adobe made Flex affordable not only for enterprises but for smaller businesses and students like me as well. This allowed me to finally consider using Flex for developing rich Internet applications (RIAs) in my own endeavors.

In the past half year I have increased my knowledge in Flex, first through the Flex Developer Guide found on Adobe's website. More recently I have continued to develop my skills by watching Flex training DVDs as well as reading a variety of books and other online sources.

I am currently a computer science graduate student and co-founder of the award-winning startup, an online sports community for amateur athletes. This startup is the first social community in Germany to use Flex in the front end.

There are numerous reasons why I decided to use Flex technology for this site, one of which is the ability to realize ideas quickly and easily. The first Flex feature that has been released on uses Flex Charting for data visualization. The visualized data consists of ratings that users give one another based on sports performance. Flex Charting will also be used for additional visualization elements that have not yet been implemented.

I am currently using HTTPService to load the data but am considering using Flex Data Services in the near future to implement more complex applications.

The platform's back end was created in Ruby on Rails, and coupled with Flex in the frond end provides for extremely rapid Internet development.