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Creative cloud

Creative Cloud getting started tutorials now availableWant to start using your Adobe Creative Cloud apps, but don’t know where to begin?

FIPS-compliant data source password encryption

FIPS-compliant data source password encryption

Pankaj Parashar, Khushwant Singh(Jun 03, 2013)Learn about this general practice to improve security using password-based encryption.
Game controller

Game controllers on Adobe AIR

Abhishek Jain (Aug 31, 2016)Learn how to use the GameInput API to communicate with several different types of devices.

Adobe CEP APIs

Hallgrimur Bjornsson (Jul 01, 2014)
Beta testing

Using the Beta Testing native extension to test iOS apps

Sidney de Koning (Jul 15, 2013)Use the TestFlight service to beta test
your Adobe AIR iOS apps.

Building and packaging mobile apps in Dreamweaver CC

Priyanka C. Herur, Ramesh Kumar(Jun 17, 2013)Build a simple mobile app with Dreamweaver, jQuery Mobile, and PhoneGap and package it with PhoneGap Build.
Reviewing DPS projects

Reviewing DPS projects

Rick Borstein (May 20, 2013)Learn how to create PDF versions of your folios, including interactive states, to share across your organization for review and feedback.
Direct entitlement starter kit (Updated)

Direct entitlement starter kit (Updated)

Scott Dreier (Jul 31, 2013)Implement a concrete example of direct entitlement that illustrates the basic interface and requirements.

Sending push notifications with DPS (Updated)

Shikha Bhargava (Jun 12, 2014)Learn how to send targeted text messages to specific sets of readers of your DPS apps.