Getting started with Flash Builder

Want to learn about Flash Builder is and get started building your Flex skills? The resources on this page are right for you!


Getting started with Flex on mobile

Hello World: Build a mobile app in five minutes

Walk through the basic steps of creating and running a simple mobile project on a device.


Test and learn

Curious about Flex and Flash Builder? Test them for yourself. If you like what you see, dive right in and start the learning.


Flex Test Drive

Curious about Flex? Build an application in one hour and explore what else you can do with Flex and Flash Builder.


Flex Test Drive for Mobile

Use Flash Builder 4.5 to build and deploy a simple directory app in one hour.


Flex in a Week

Build on your programming experience by stepping through this five-day video training course.


Build your skills in depth

Ready to bring your Flash Builder skills to the next level? Get a deeper understanding of these specific topic areas.


Creating Flex projects

Use a Flex Project to create a web application or a desktop application that is based on the Flex framework. 


Creating Flex mobile projects

Use a Flex Mobile project to create a Flex application that is targeted for a mobile platform.


Creating ActionScript projects

Use an ActionScript Project to create a web application or a desktop application that is based on either the Flash APIs or Adobe AIR APIs.


Using Flash Builder with Flash Professional

This feature allows Flash Professional developers to take advantage of the editing and debugging environment available with Flash Builder. 


Reference and documentation

Using Flash Builder

Developing Mobile Applications

Accessing Data with Flex

Flash Builder Help and Support