By Adobe
26 July 2010
Primitive objects are shapes that let you adjust their characteristics in the Property inspector in Adobe Flash Professional. You can precisely control the size, corner radius, and other properties of the shape at any time after you have created it without having to draw it from scratch.
Two types of primitives are available: rectangles and ovals.
To draw with the Oval primative tool, follow these steps:
  1. Select the Oval Primitive Tool from the Tools panel.
  2. Draw an object on the Stage.
Note: When either of the Primitive Object drawing tools is selected, the Property inspector retains the values of the last primitive object that you edited. For example, if you modify an oval's properties and then draw a new oval shape on Stage, you'll draw a second oval with the same properties.
To learn more about working with the Oval Primitive tool, see the section titled Drawing modes and graphic objects in the Flash documentation.