By Adobe
26 August 2010
Using the Subselection tool in Adobe Flash Professional you can reshape a motion path by exposing the control points and Bézier handles on the path that correspond to each position property keyframe. You can use these handles to reshape the path around the property keyframe points to adjust the animation.
You can also select and edit one or more specific anchor points in a vector path by selecting the anchor points with the Subselection tool. Drag the anchor point or manipulate the Bézier handles that appear on curve segments to change the shape of the vector path.
The Subselection tool
To edit paths with the Subselection tool, follow these steps:
  1. Select the Subselection tool.
  2. Click the line or shape outline. When an anchor point is selected, it changes from a hollow dot to a solid dot.
  3. Drag the selected anchor point (or anchor points) to create the desired path.
You can specify the contact-sensitivity options for the Subselection tool when you create shapes using Object Drawing mode.
Note: If you want to move an entire object on the Stage, use the Selection tool.
To learn more about working with the Subselection tool, see the section titled Reshape lines and shapes in the Flash documentation.

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