By Lisa Larson-Kelley
Lisa Larson-Kelley
27 October 2008


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"Flash 411" is a series of informative videos focused on delivering video on the web. (Why "411"? That's what you dial in North America to phone directory assistance.) Whether you're a seasoned video professional or an experienced ActionScript developer, you'll get something out of this series. Video can be tricky business, so I'll get right down to the essential elements you need to know to create and deliver outstanding playback experiences.

Episode 1: Video crash course

In this debut episode, I uncover the mysteries of working with video in Adobe Flash CS4 Professional and provide a foundation for upcoming topics. Why use Flash? Learn about compatible formats (FLV and MPEG-4), codecs, encoding options, progressive vs. streaming delivery, and distribution options. Also find out how to submit your own questions for upcoming episodes in this series.

Episode 2: Hooking up with Flash Media Server

In this episode, take a whirlwind tour of the wonderful world of Adobe Flash Media Server. Get a basic understanding of Flash Media Server, set up your first broadcast application, and see just how easy it is to create a custom two-person videoconference.
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Episode 3: Video players for the Flash phobic

You've got a video, and you just want to play it back on your blog or website. This episode is for you, featuring down and dirty techniques for publishing your video on the web.
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Episode 4: Video encoding basics using Flash

Just how do they encode those beautifully crisp videos you see playing in Adobe Flash Player? In this episode, learn the basic encoding rules, see the new Adobe Media Encoder, and pick up some tips and tricks along the way.
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Be sure to visit the Video Technology Center to dive deep into learning about video on the web, including the following resources: