By Fumio Nonaka
26 July 2010


Prerequisite knowledge

Some prior experience working with ActionScript 3 is recommended. Familiarity with the Flash authoring environment is also helpful.

User level

This article is the sixth of seven in a series highlighting examples of programming strategies that make it easier than ever before to create rich content in Adobe Flash CS5 Professional. Flash includes new events to enable interactions of multi-touches and gestures with touch panels; these events are implemented in the InteractiveObject class. You can use these new events the same way you work with other events in ActionScript 3. The EventDispatcher.addEventListener() method is used with the event and a listener function is passed as the argument.
The table below lists the new events in the InteractiveObject class that relate to multi-touches and gestures for devices with touch panels. Flash Player 10.1 handles these events by registering listener functions so that they receive notification when an event occurs.
InteractiveObject class event Event's constant Operation triggering the event
gesturePan TransformGestureEvent.GESTURE_PAN Moving a point of contact
gesturePressAndTap PressAndTapGestureEvent.GESTURE_PRESS_AND_TAP Creating a point of contact and tapping
gestureRotate TransformGestureEvent.GESTURE_ROTATE Rotation gesture at a point of contact
gestureSwipe TransformGestureEvent.GESTURE_SWIPE Swipe gesture at a point of contact
gestureTwoFingerTap GestureEvent.GESTURE_TWO_FINGER_TAP Pressing two points of contact
gestureZoom TransformGestureEvent.GESTURE_ZOOM Zoom gesture at a point of contact
touchBegin TouchEvent.TOUCH_BEGIN Making first contact with a device
touchEnd TouchEvent.TOUCH_END Removing contact with a device
touchMove TouchEvent.TOUCH_MOVE Moving the point of contact with a device
touchOut TouchEvent.TOUCH_OUT Moving the point of contact away from an instance
touchOver TouchEvent.TOUCH_OVER Moving the point of contact over an instance
touchRollOut TouchEvent.TOUCH_ROLL_OUT Moving the point of contact away from an instance
touchRollOver TouchEvent.TOUCH_ROLL_OVER Moving the point of contact over an instance
touchTap TouchEvent.TOUCH_TAP Lifting the point of contact over the same instance
Using these new interactive events, you have the ability to make unique and engaging applications for devices that utilize touch screens. To learn more, read the Developer Center article Multitouch and gesture support on the Flash Platform and see the section on InteractiveObject in the ActionScript 3 Reference for the Adobe Flash Platform.

Where to go from here

As you can see from these examples, there are many new possibilities to explore when developing ActionScript 3 projects in Flash Professional CS5. Hopefully the scripts provided in these examples will serve as the starting point as you begin experimenting with the new events and capabilities for delivering rich content with interactivity.
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