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Getting started
Flash Catalyst CS5.5 is an approachable interaction design tool for creating user interfaces and interactive components for Flex based applications, and supports a parallel workflow on shared projects with developers using Flash Builder 4.5.

What's new

Jacob Surber (Apr 12, 2011)
Learn about the new resizing, workflow, wireframing, and prototyping enhancements in Flash Catalyst.
Jacob Surber (Apr 11, 2011)
Work more effectively with designers and developers using new workflows in Flash Catalyst and Flash Builder.
Peiter Buick (May 03, 2011)
Build an interactive wireframe prototype in Flash Catalyst.
Tanya Heins (May 03, 2011)
Learn the basics of interaction design in Flash Catalyst by taking a concept from a static file to a completed interactive, multimedia interface.
Examples and case studies
Adobe (Apr 11, 2011)
Innovative experience design firm Adaptive Path speeds its interaction design using Adobe Flash Catalyst.