Contextual applications


The Flash Platform enables and supports a new class of applications, called contextual applications. These applications are characterized by their ability to adapt presentation and performance to different application contexts, including multiple operating systems, platforms, and devices; diverse and changing types of networks; and unique user expectations and personalization.

  • System aware: Adapt to device-specific interaction techniques (touch screen, touch pads, mice, keyboards, softkeys), different display screens (sizes, shapes, and resolutions), and functionality specific to the delivery platform (sensor data, geolocation, software platform data).
  • Network aware: Account for differences in network access and bandwidth for different devices by dynamically modifying bandwidth requirements (delivering more or less content and higher or lower resolution content) and using local device storage (making content available at lower bandwidths or when offline).
  • User aware: Personalize content (recommended products, artists, articles) based on a user's history (content previously looked at or purchased) and social data (friend's recommendations and reviews), and provide varying levels of service and data access (from more limited, free content to subscription-based access to additional content and/or features).


Examples and case studies

Times Reader 2.0

Times Reader 2.0 delivers rich editorial as text, video, and graphics that subscribers can view in an Adobe AIR application, without having to deal with the idiosyncrasies of different web browsers.

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Atlantic Records Fanbase

Fanbase features an audio player, chat room, and continuous photo, video, and news feeds with which music fans can receive the latest content from their favorite musicians in a single download.

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Build your own contextual applications

Plan ahead:

Read Design contextual solutions and applications (pdf)

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