Adobe Flash Player allows enterprises to deliver secure, expressive, and high-performance applications that run consistently across operating systems and browsers, with full control over the install experience in alignment with IT policies.
Flash Player Administration Guide for Flash Player 10
Get the latest information for IT or administrative professionals who manage the installation or use of Flash Player for multiple users in a controlled environment.
Security is a key concern of Adobe. For this reason, Adobe Flash Player 10 includes a set of security rules and controls to safeguard users, website administrators, and content developers. Learn more about the Flash Player security model that is built on an industry-proven domain-based system of security for protecting sensitive data in networked environments.
Adobe Flash Player is available for distribution and use in multi-user installations. This includes distributing to Flash Player to systems within your department or organization, or on fixed media with your software product or multimedia experience. Adobe also provides a Flash Player catalog for licensing and use with the Microsoft Systems Management Server (SMS) 2003 R2
Custom Updates Publishing Tool (CUPT) and the Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager (SCCM/ConfigMgr) System Center Updates Publisher (SCUP). Learn more about Flash Player licensing and apply to distribute Flash Player.
Adobe Flash Player is the world's most pervasive software platform, reaching over 99% of Internet-enabled desktops worldwide. View the worldwide ubiquity of Flash Player by version, including enterprise penetration.
Customer list
See what enterprise customers are using Flash Player and the free, open-source Flex framework. Here's what some of them are saying:
"We looked at Microsoft Silverlight for this implementation, but it doesn't hold a candle to Flex in terms of data points, and the ease of using and accessing the application."
— Eric Hoffman, Technical lead, FoodSHIELD, EJH & Associates
Flash Player enterprise deployment FAQ
Find answers to common questions regarding enterprise deployments of Adobe Flash Player.
I don't have Adobe Flash Player. How do I get it?
End users can download the latest Adobe Flash Player version from
Adobe Flash Player is also available for desktop distribution and use beyond single-user installations. This includes distributing to workstations within your department or organization, or on
fixed media with your software product or multimedia experience. Adobe also provides a Flash Player Catalog for licensing and use with the SMS 2003 R2 Inventory Tool for Custom Updates. Visit for more information.
Is Flash Player available for my operating system?
Flash Player is preinstalled with several web browsers and on many computers. It is included in Microsoft Windows XP and Apple Macintosh operating systems.
Does Flash Player support 64-bit operating systems?
Flash Player 11 or later provides native support for 64-bit operating systems and 64-bit web browsers on Linux, Mac OS, and Windows.
I want to run Flash Player but my company prohibits or blocks it. What can I do?
Some employers prohibit Flash Player due to concerns that it will be used for video (consuming excessive bandwidth) or games (consuming work time). If you are developing an enterprise application on the Flash Platform and need Flash Player to access your application, you may find that your company will grant an exception for this business use. To allow support for your enterprise content, ask your administrator to allow *.swf from your domains.
I use a browser extension that blocks SWF content from being displayed. Can I use my enterprise Flash application and still block other content?
Set your browser extension to allow SWF files from your domain. This will enable use of your enterprise SWF content while continuing to block SWFs from other sources.
Where can I learn more about the security of Adobe Flash Player?
Security is a key concern of Adobe. For this reason, Adobe Flash Player includes a set of security rules and controls to safeguard users, website administrators, and content developers.
The Flash Player security model is built on an industry-proven, domain-based system of security for protecting sensitive data in networked environments. Read the Adobe Flash Player 10 security white paper to find out more.
Learn about how Adobe addresses the topic of Flash Player security and privacy, including the article, Your privacy and Adobe Flash Player.
To view security advisories and updates, or to register for e-mail notification, visit
I'm not allowed to install or upgrade software on my computer. What should I do?
If you're restricted from installing software on your computer, then contact your system administrator and request an installation or upgrade.
Deployment and installation
As a network administrator, how do I deploy Flash Player across my enterprise?
In order to deploy Flash Player, you must first acquire a license to do so. Distribution licenses are free of charge and can be acquired through the online licensing application. For answers to a number of questions regarding Flash Player licensing and deployment, see the Adobe Player Distribution FAQ.
IT and administrative professionals who manage the installation or use of Flash Player for multiple users in a controlled environment should review the Flash Player Administration Guide to learn more about installation and configuration of the player.
As a network administrator, how can I install Flash Player across the enterprise while enforcing common global security and privacy settings?
Administrators can configure Flash Player settings for security and privacy by deploying a configuration file to client machines. Chapter 3 of the Adobe Flash Player Administration Guide provides further details on this topic.
How can I troubleshoot my Flash Player installation?
You can find information on the Flash Player support site.
Does Adobe provide catalogs for the Microsoft Systems Management Server (SMS) 2003 R2 Custom Updates Publishing Tool (CUPT) or the Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager (SCCM/ConfigMgr) System Center Updates Publisher (SCUP)?
Yes; Adobe currently provides Flash Player catalogs for licensing and use with the SMS 2003 R2 Custom Updates Publishing Tool (CUPT) as well as the ConfigMgr System Center Updates Publisher (SCUP). Network administrators can download and import the catalog after applying to distribute the Flash Player.
Can I make Flash Player available directly from my website?
No. The distribution agreement does not allow you to distribute Flash Player from your website. Users should be directed to to download and install the latest Flash Player version.
What are the license terms for Flash Player?
The license terms are fully described in the Adobe Runtimes Distribution Agreement.