Learn about accessible components, assistive technology integration, and keyboard access.
Achieve successful version detection and admin support in a controlled environment.
Deliver secure, expressive, and high-performance applications that run consistently across operating systems and browsers, with full control over the install experience in alignment with IT policies.
Incorporate audio and video into your SWF-based applications.
Get unprecedented creative control over the mobile browsing experience.
Learn strategies for increasing the responsiveness of your SWF apps.
While Adobe and the leading search engines are making significant strides in making SWF content more searchable, you can take additional steps now to improve your search ranking positions further.
Stay abreast of the current strategies for securing your SWF apps, and read the latest player security updates, policy file changes, and admin guides.
Learn about Stage 3D, a new rendering model supported by Flash Player 11 that enables advanced 2D and 3D capabilities across multiple screens and devices (desktop, mobile, and TV) through the Flash Platform runtimes.
Explore the StageVideo API in Flash Player 10.2 and later to enable high-performance video playback across platforms by accessing hardware acceleration of the entire video pipeline.