Jozsef Vass (Apr 23, 2012)
Learn strategies to develop audio players with ActionScript that play audio files in Flash Player using Icecast streaming server.
Maxim Levkov (Jan 09, 2012)
Deliver the best possible video playback experiences to BlackBerry PlayBook using advanced video capabilities in Flash Player and AIR.
Tom Green, Joseph Labrecque (Oct 04, 2011)
Stream audio into a Strobe Media Player available to you through the Open Source Media Framework.
Jozsef Vass (Jun 14, 2011)
Understand the new enhanced audio capabilities of Flash Player 10.3 and learn best practices for configuring acoustic echo cancellation.
Duane Nickull (Jun 14, 2011)
Explore microphone access in mobile apps built with Flash Builder 4.5. (11:31)
Maxim Levkov (Dec 22, 2010)
This white paper describes techniques, best practices, and recommended settings for encoding live or video-on-demand files for optimal playback on mobile devices.
Justin Putney (Dec 20, 2010)
Leverage the SmartMouth and FrameSync extensions to automate the process of lip-syncing characters in Flash animations.
David Stiller (Oct 07, 2010)
Create a custom Sound class that makes it easy to use cue points for internal sound assets or external MP3s in your Flash or Flash Builder applications.
Adobe (Jul 16, 2010)
Explore the sound generation capabilities in Flash Player 10 and later.
(User level: Intermediate)
Adobe (Jul 16, 2010)
Explore more in-depth sound controls in this mixing board sample.
(User level: Advanced)
Adobe (Jul 16, 2010)
Explore a sample that loads sounds and provides a basic set of custom controls.
(User level: Intermediate)
Rich Shupe (Aug 24, 2009)
Read these chapters from O'Reilly Media to learn about ActionScript 3 basics, as well as components, audio in Flash, and how to publish and deploy a SWF application.
Dan Carr (Aug 10, 2009)
Prepare and control audio with ActionScript 3 for playback in Flash Player 10.
Dan Carr (Feb 16, 2009)
Explore the Adobe CS4 product workflow and learn the fundamentals of creating mockups and interactive content.
Tom Green (Jan 12, 2009)
Learn about basic audio streaming using the new FLVPlayback 2.5 component as well as ActionScript 3.
Jeff Swartz (Oct 14, 2008)
Learn about the use of dynamically generated sounds in Flash Player 10, and how to use the new Sound.extract() method and sampleDataEvent
aYo Binitie II (Jun 23, 2008)
Build a music playlist application using a one-to-one streaming technique to give users a unique experience while sharing the same music library.
David Hassoun (Mar 10, 2008)
Incorporate MPEG-4 video and HE-AAC audio content and associated metadata into your projects for playback in Flash Player 9 Update.
William B. Sanders (Aug 20, 2007)
Download this complete chapter from O'Reilly Media to learn about the Stream object—the heart and soul of audio/video in Flash Media Server 2.
Graeme Bull (Jan 29, 2007)
Learn how to build a simple streaming application that allows users to play MP3 files on a server.