Shashank Tiwari et al.


11 May 2009


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Knowledge of Flex.

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The power of rich interactive applications is often well realized in solutions that present data in interactive and engaging ways and allow users to manipulate the data to cull out deductions and inferences for better decision making. Business intelligence (BI) is usually defined as the collection, integration, analysis, and presentation of business information. The intent of such an exercise is to facilitate better decision making so that the business performs better and stays ahead of competition.
When I talk about BI interfaces in this chapter, I focus on the analysis and presentation aspects of the definition. So, the agenda here is to illustrate the tools and techniques available in Flex 3 to create highly interactive interfaces to present business information, so that you and your users can benefit from such creations that help analyze information effectively for superior decision making.
Visually appealing representations of data are often easy for human beings to understand. Therefore, charts are the starting point in this Flex and BI discussion.
Column chart plot of the top four countries by GDP (PPP)
Figure. Column chart plot of the top four countries by GDP (PPP)
This chapter covers the following topics:
  • Charts and graphs
  • AdvancedDataGrid
  • OLAP data grid
Note: Excerpted from AdvancED Flex 3 by Elad Elrom, Jack Herrington, Joshua Mostafa, Shashank Tiwari. Copyright © 2008. Used with permission of friends of ED. For more information about this book and how to buy it, visit friends of Ed.