Prerequisite knowledge
A basic understanding of Arrays and/or ArrayCollections
Required products
Flash Builder (Download trial)
User level
Download the lesson and sample code
Installation instructions
  1. Copy the file to your drive.
  2. Start Flex Builder 3.
  3. Select File > Import > Flex Project...
  4. For the Archive file browse to the location where you saved and select it.
  5. Use the default, or change Use default location to specify where you want the project files copied.
This chapter is taken from the authorized Flex curriculum built by Adobe Customer Training courses that focus on developing Flex applications.
In this chapter, you will manipulate data that is residing at the client. You will:
  • Filter a data set using the ArrayCollection's filterFunction property
  • Sort a data set with the Sort and SortField classes
  • Locate objects in a data set using a cursor
This chapter has a PDF document which has content and walkthrough steps. The walkthroughs are hands-on activities that you complete in Flex. These walkthroughs are key to learning and should be done as you encounter them in the text. The files used in the walkthroughs are contained in the ZIP file. Follow the instructions below to unzip and install the files. This chapter assumes you have installed Flex Builder 3.

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