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19 July 2010

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Adobe Certified Experts (ACEs) set themselves apart from other IT professionals. They consistently demonstrate expertise with Adobe products and platforms, and add value to colleagues, managers, and their own careers.
The Flex 4 ACE Exam is based upon the most critical job activities that a Flex developer performs. The skills and knowledge certified by this examination represent a professional level of expertise for a certified individual.
To become certified, you must pass a challenging exam that consists of 59 multiple-choice questions. The exam is delivered in a secure and proctored testing environment.



The price in North America for the Flex 4 ACE Exam is $150 (U.S.), payable via a valid credit card at the time you register for the exam. Pricing outside North America varies by country. 

Suggested prerequisites

Study guidelines
Adobe provides guidelines and sample questions for the exam in a downloadable PDF document: Flex 4 ACE Exam Preparation Guide (PDF, 20K).
Instructor-led training
Please see our dedicated Training Partner Finder for more information on available classroom training from Adobe Authorized Training Partners.
Video curriculum
Third-party books and resources
The following third-party books and resources will help you with your training: