Prerequisite knowledge
Moderate experience writing applications in Flex.
User level
Sample files
introducing_cairngorm.pdf (1386 KB)
This document is from the authorized Flex curriculum written by Adobe Customer Training.
In this document, you will learn the basics of building Flex applications using the Cairngorm framework. You will:
  • Understand the basics of Cairngorm
  • See how Cairngorm is used in Flex RIAs
  • Implement the ModelLocator
  • Implement the ServiceLocator
  • Implement Cairngorm events
  • Implement Commands
  • Implement the FrontContoller
  • Implementing Delegates
  • Use the Cairngorm components
This chapter has a PDF document which has content and walkthrough steps. The walkthroughs are hands-on activities that you complete in Flex. These walkthroughs are key to learning and should be done as you encounter them in the text. The files used in the walkthroughs are contained in the ZIP file. Follow the instructions in the document to unzip and install the files. This chapter assumes you have installed Flex Builder 3.