2 February 2009


Prerequisite knowledge

This article is intended for Flash developers who have an intermediate understanding of ActionScript, ActionScript classes, and JSFL. Before you get started, install the Kuler panel for Flash CS3, available in the source code linked to above. You can familiarize yourself with the panel's functionality without installing it by watching a demo of the panel in action created by John Nack, senior product manager of Adobe Photoshop. Familiarity with the Kuler API may be of additional benefit as well. You can familiarize yourself with the Kuler API by visiting the Kuler API page in the Adobe Developer Connection.


User level


Flash CS4 Professional (or Flash CS3 Professional)

flash_builder (restored)

A while ago I took the opportunity to brush up on my ActionScript 3.0 proficiency by creating a custom panel for Adobe Flash CS3 Professional. I have been a big fan of the Kuler web-hosted application, not to mention the different display incarnations to which it has been ported. I felt that I would try to make my contribution to the Flash community as well. This article provides you with an overview of how I created the Kuler panel for Flash CS3 Professional (see Figure 1) and highlights some of the great new features and methods it gives you in the Flash authoring environment—as well as the Kuler APIs.


Figure 1. Kuler panel for Flash CS3 Professional