Matt Chotin


18 August 2008

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Since Flex 3 was released at the end February 2008 developers have been able to see progress within the Flex SDK by monitoring the commit list and downloading nightly or stable builds from the Flex SDK Open Source site. Flex SDK 3.1 is what the team considers a milestone build, a certification of all of that work and a roll-up into a build that is recommended for all users. Flex Builder 3.0.1 is an update that includes the Flex 3.1 SDK along with numerous bug fixes and certified versions of the professional data visualization and testing components.
You can download the Flex Builder update from here, or if you wish to manually initiate an update to Flex Builder using the Adobe Updater, open Flex Builder and go to Help > Search for Flex Builder Updates...
Here is a quick summary of what's included:
Flex SDK 3.1
  • Numerous bug fixes including fixes provided by the community. A complete list of bug fixes can be found here.
  • Introductory support for Flash Player 10 (currently in beta); note that final support is expected in a future release. Despite our support, we do not include Flash Player 10 Beta in the actual SDK as we try not to ship beta software in official releases. You can however retrieve the matching 3.1 SDK with Flash Player 10 included from our Flex 3 open source downloads page.
  • Final support for AIR 1.1
Flex Builder 3.0.1 (including the data visualization components)
  • Numerous bug fixes. A complete list of bug fixes for the IDE can be found here and the data visualization components here.
  • Support for AIR 1.1
  • Support for Eclipse 3.4
Note: The source for the data visualization components may not be extracted automatically in the 3.1 SDK.  Please review the instructions to manually extract the source code.
Please review the SDK release notes and Flex Builder release notes for the most up-to-date information on what is included in each release, and any remaining known issues.