Overview of Spark DataGrids in Flex 4.5
James Ward (May 03, 2011)
Learn how the new Spark architecture makes it easier to customize and skin the new DataGrid components in Flex 4.5. (10:40)

Overview of Spark Forms in Flex 4.5
James Ward (May 03, 2011)
Provide dynamic, skinned data entry components in your Flex applications with very little work. (3:00)

Overview of Spark Formatters in Flex 4.5
James Ward (May 03, 2011)
Learn how the new Spark Formatters simplify the process of displaying common data types as localized/internationalized. (2:19)

Flex mobile skins – Part 1: Optimized skinning basics
Jason San Jose (May 03, 2011)
Learn the basics of mobile skinning by creating a Button skin.

Flex mobile skins – Part 2
Jason San Jose (Jun 21, 2011)
Learn how screen densities affect mobile skinning with Flex and Flash Builder 4.5.

Flex mobile skins – Part 3
Jason San Jose (Jul 12, 2011)
Learn the basics of theme authoring and platform-specific skinning in Flash Builder.

Create ItemRenderers for Flex mobile projects
Piotr Walczyszyn (Nov 01, 2011)
Learn about the process of creating custom ItemRenderers in ActionScript3 for Flex mobile applications. (7:36)

Create custom skins for mobile apps
Piotr Walczyszyn (Oct 31, 2011)
Learn how to create a custom SkinnableContainer Component for mobile applications using Flex and Flash Builder. (6:57)

Build your first Flex 4.5 application
Serge Jespers (May 03, 2011)
Discover how you can benefit from manipulating components properties. (6:25)

Layout mirroring with Flex
Michael Chaize (May 03, 2011)
Minimize interface redesigns when porting a Flex application to languages with right-to-left text orientations. (6:24)


Prerequisite knowledge

Some knowledge of Flex and Flash Player.

User level