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11 January 2010


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Spark Intranet Sample App

The Spark Intranet Sample App is a sample application created with Flex 4. It will introduce you to the major updates to the MXML specification, the new Spark framework, skinning, styles, and Flash Builder 4 features. Specifically, the Spark Inc application will introduce you to the new Spark Lists, skinning Spark components, CSS styles, states, effects, Text Layout framework, and transitions of the Flex 4 SDK. The Flash Builder 4 features touched upon are the Data/Services, Network Monitor, Test Operation, and Getter/Setter auto-generation.

The article that accompanies this sample application will guide you through some of the newest, and most commonly used features of Flex 4 and will help to straighten the learning curve for current Flex developers. With the introduction of the Spark framework, there are powerful new tools at your disposal and jumping into working code is a good way to get up-to-speed.

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