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19 February 2007


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Note: This article was created based on Flex 2. Minor changes in the description and code may be necessary before it can be applied to Flex 3.
The Adobe Experience Design (XD) team wanted to give Tour of California race fans a way to sit back and experience every sprint and turn throughout the event, held February 18–25, 2007, without having to leave their chairs. Increasingly, sports enthusiasts have become accustomed to being able to watch their favorite events from the comfort of their living rooms. Bicycle racing is generally more strategic and slower paced than other broadcasted sports, so creating a more engaging and interactive presentation only seemed natural.
Post-race, stay tuned as we're planning on deconstructing the Tour Tracker through sample app code views and article content in the Flex Developer Center.

Flex 2 features

The Adobe Tour Tracker shows how easily Adobe Flex can integrate multiple data and content feeds to create a live, real-time presentation tool. By leveraging the broadcasting power of Flash Media Server, the XD team delivered a live video stream of the event as well as two separate channels of audio that a user can chose from. The top riders throughout the race are wearing small GPS devices that accurately pinpoint their positions during each stage of the race. The Flex Data Server easily converts the positioning data and seamlessly delivers it to live connected users.