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Adobe Developer Week

Adobe Developer Week was a week-long event (June 20–24, 2011) featuring a series of free, live webinars presented by Adobe technology experts. The focus was to show developers how to build apps for Android, BlackBerry Tablet OS, and iOS devices using one tool, one framework, and one code base. Instructors also demonstrated how to accelerate application development by taking advantage of numerous new productivity features.
The following recorded sessions from Developer Week present demos on building expressive mobile, web, and desktop apps using the latest releases of Adobe Flash Builder 4.5 and Adobe Flex 4.5. Demos include interactive Q&A sessions; look for links to sample code or more information in the descriptions below.
Note: Log in with your Adobe.com ID to watch these session recordings.
Monday, June 20Introduction to Flex 4.5 and Flash Builder 4.5: Learn the basics of Flex 4.5 and Flash Builder 4.5. This session covers the types of applications where Flex is really effective and walks through the basics of how you can deploy applications on mobile devices and desktops using a single code base.
What's new in Flex 4.5: Hear the Flex product manager explain what is different in Flex 4.5 from Flex 3 and Flex 4. This session shows you how to take advantage of the new capabilities in Flex 4.5.
New features in Flash Builder 4.5: Hear the Flash Builder product manager walk through the new features in Flash Builder 4.5 with a focus on the new mobile authoring capabilities and productivity enhancements. This session also covers how Flash Builder 4.5 can be used with Flex 3 and Flex 4.
Flex and PHP integrated development with Flash Builder 4.5 for PHP: Explore the new Flex and PHP workflows included with Flash Builder 4.5 for PHP. This session uses a mobile application example to walk through the content. Download the source code.
Tuesday, June 21
Build your first mobile application with Flex 4.5: Learn how to build a simple mobile application running on multiple mobile platforms with Flex 4.5 from scratch. You do not need to have prior Flex experience to watch this session.
Architecting Flex applications for reuse across web, desktop, and mobile: Explore the architectural considerations and best practices for building applications for devices and the web. This session shows how you can maximize code reuse by creating proper project structures, separating business logic from the UI layer, and using the design view to see the layout on different devices. Read the following article and related blog posts for more information:
Multiscreen development techniques – Employee Directory
Dynamic UI patterns
Adaptive UI – tablet and smartphone
Multidensity and multiplatform authoring for smart phones and tablets with Flex 4.5 SDK: Learn what multidensity on devices means, why it is important, and how to leverage the support available in Flex 4.5 to address the challenges. Read the related blog post with source code.
Building ColdFusion powered mobile applications: Learn how Adobe ColdFusion and Adobe AIR are designed to work together to facilitate taking your apps with you, wherever you go, including taking data offline using Flex and the AIR integrated SQLite database. Download the source code.
Wednesday, June 22
Migrating from Flex 3 to Flex 4.5 – Understanding changes from Halo to Spark: Learn how you can make the leap to building apps with Flex 4.5. This session covers the advantages of the Spark architecture and how it differs from MX. We also discuss when it makes sense to migrate an existing application to Spark.
Creating expressive applications with Flash Builder and Flash Catalyst: See how developers are playing double-duty as UI designers utilize the designer–developer workflow with Flash Builder and Flash Catalyst to lay out and skin their apps. Download the source code.
Building mobile applications for BlackBerry PlayBook: This session covers how development for this platform is similar to other platforms and what the differences are. Download the source code.
Coding productivity features in Flash Builder 4.5: Flash Builder 4.5 adds a wealth of new coding features that make Flex and ActionScript developers more productive than ever before. Paul Robertson demonstrates his favorite coding features and shares hints and tips to get the most out of Flash Builder 4.5. Download the author's custom templates and read his related blog posts.
Thursday, June 23
Next-generation application development for the enterprise: Join us for a sneak preview of the next-generation application development capabilities with the Adobe Customer Experience Management solutions. This session shows how you can make the most of all the latest advances to build better apps more rapidly and consistently across multiple channels and devices.
Building data-driven Flex and Java applications: Learn the basics of building your first Flex application with a Java server-side component to interact with data.
Flex and BlazeDS integration with Spring: See how you can build and integrate a Flex application with a Java server using the Spring framework. This session covers how you can easily build a robust, enterprise-class Flex app. For more information, download Christophe Coenraet's Spring BlazeDS Integration Test Drive to see examples in action, or get Jon Rose and James Ward's excellent RefCard on setting up Flex 4/Spring 3 integration for yourself.
Building data-driven Flex and ColdFusion applications: Learn the basics of building your first ColdFusion powered Flex application and discover how the streamlined integration makes this incredibly quick and efficient. Download the source code.
Friday, June 24
Maximizing Flex application performance (mobile and desktop): Discover tips and tricks to improving performance when building mobile apps.
Creating performant skins and item renderers for mobile applications: Dive deep into skinning mobile components. This session demos creating a skin that looks like a native iOS component.
Anatomy of an enterprise mobile application built with Flex 4.5: Explore enterprise use cases for Flex mobile applications.
This session shows examples that illustrate how Flex 4.5 can be used for enterprise applications.


Prerequisite knowledge

Some knowledge of Flex and Flash Player.

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