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Flex and ColdFusion

Refer to the featured tutorials and videos on this page to understand how Flex 4 and Flash Builder 4 work together to help you connect Flex applications to a ColdFusion back end.


Flash Builder 4 for ColdFusion developers
Understand the role of CFCs in Flex
Understand Flex in the client/server model
Introducing the MXML and ActionScript languages
Flash Builder 4 and ColdFusion Builder integrated workflow

Get started with Flex and ColdFusion

Discover how the new datacentric development features in Flash Builder 4 and Flex 4 help speed rich Internet application development.

Take a test drive

Watch videos, browse sample code, or step through tutorials to get a quick introduction to building a Flex and Java app.

Connect to data
Modify the database
Test and debug your code
Deploy your application

Getting started with ColdFusion and Flash Builder 4

Learn more about datacentric development and handling data with ColdFusion and Flash Builder 4.

Database, CFC and data services setup
Binding data to UI components
Generating formsCreating Master/Detail forms
Managing data
Deploying Flex apps with ColdFusion URL variables

Set up and build your first application

Learn how to set up a ColdFusion data source and Flash Builder project.

Part 1: Set up your database
Part 2: Use ColdFusion Builder to create CFCs (optional)
Part 3: Use ColdFusion and Flash Builder 4 to create an application

More Flex and ColdFusion tutorials

Sending SMS messages with Flex, ColdFusion, and BlazeDS
Accessing ColdFusion Services from Flex applications
Adding real-time data visualization to your ColdFusion applications using Flex


Prerequisite knowledge

Some knowledge of Flex and Flash Player.

User level