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Tour de Flex

Tour de Flex is a desktop application for exploring Flex capabilities and resources. Expand what you can do with Flex with running examples of common components, effects, and coding techniques.

Flex and Java

Refer to the featured tutorials and videos on this page to understand how Flex 4 and Flash Builder 4 work together to help you build enterprise-class rich Internet applications.


Technologies for building Flex and Java applications
The architecture of Flex and Java applications

Get started with Flex and Spring

SpringSource and Adobe are collaborating to make it easy for Java developers to create enterprise-class rich Internet applications (RIAs) using Adobe Flex software and Adobe Data Services software, a cornerstone of the Adobe Flash Platform, and Spring, the de facto standard for enterprise Java.

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Experience Spring BlazeDS integration with samples

Learn about Spring powered Flex applications

Introducing Spring BlazeDS Integration
Securing your Flex application

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Spring BlazeDS Integration Downloads

Build a Flex and Java app with Spring and BlazeDS

Flash Builder 4 Data Wizards with Java and Spring
Flex 4, Java, Spring, Hibernate in Flash Builder 4

Get more help with Spring and Flex integration

Spring BlazeDS Integration Home
Spring BlazeDS Integration Forum
Spring BlazeDS Integration Reference Guide

Get started with Flex and ColdFusion

Discover how the new datacentric development features in Flash Builder 4 and Flex 4 help speed rich Internet application development.

Take a test drive

Watch videos, browse sample code, or step through tutorials to get a quick introduction to building a Flex and Java app.

Connect to data
Modify the database
Test and debug your code
Deploy your application

Build a Flex and Java 

Introducing to Flex 4 and Java integration
Connecting to a BlazeDS Remoting destination
Using web services with data-centric development

More about Flex and Java

Flex and Java differences: getters and setters
Accessing EJBs in Flex with Oracle WebLogic and BlazeDS
Building a data driven Flex and Java application with WebORB for Java

Integrating Flex 3 and Java

Getting started

Wiki: Getting started primer for Flex and Java
Part 1: Java EE and Flex: A compelling combination
Part 1: ActionScript for Java developers
Part 2: ActionScript for Java developers

Beyond the basics

Video: Get up to speed on Flex messaging service
Tutorial: Integrating a simple Flex application with Grails
Tutorial: Creating components and enforcing separation of concerns with Flex
Tutorial: Building web service clients with Flex Builder 3
Cookbook: Building Flex applications with JSPs
Tutorial: Dependency injection with Flex
Tutorial: Uploading a file with Flex and Java


Prerequisite knowledge

Some knowledge of Flex and Flash Player.

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