Tour de Flex

Tour de Flex is a desktop application for exploring Flex capabilities and resources. Expand what you can do with Flex with running examples of common components, effects, and coding techniques.

Flex and PHP

Refer to the featured tutorials and videos on this page to learn how to develop Flex and PHP applications.

Using Flex with Zend Studio or Zend Server?  Learn about our new Flash Builder 4.5 for PHP that includes an integrated copy of Zend Studio 8.


Why choose Flex and PHP
The architecture of Flex and PHP applications

Get started with Flex and PHP

Discover how the new datacentric development features in Flash Builder and Flex help speed rich Internet application development.

Take a test drive

Watch videos, browse sample code, or step through tutorials to get a quick introduction to building a Flex and PHP app.

Connect to data
Modify the database
Test and debug your code
Deploy your application