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Note: To view the latest version of Flex in a Week for Flex 4.5 and Flash Builder 4.5, visit the main Flex in a Week page to view the videos online.


Day 1: Flex basics


Introducing Adobe Flex 4
Setting up Flash Builder
Using Flash Builder (FLV, 37.9 MB)
Building a data-driven Flex application
Understanding namespaces (FLV, 20.9 MB)
Organizing visual elements and code
Adding scrollbars (FLV, 10.6 MB)


Day 2: Event and data basics


Understanding event-driven development
Retrieving remote data
Introducing RPC  (FLV, 11.2 MB)
Creating a typed data model


Day 3: Data handling and manipulation


Extending events
Sending remote data
Validating and formatting data
Using formatters (FLV, 16.6 MB)
Validating form data (FLV, 22.9 MB)
Learning more about handling data


Day 4: Page layout and animation


Displaying data with the DataGroup container
Displaying data with List-based control
Creating and navigating "pages" in a UI
Animating components and states


Day 5: Adding visual appeal


Controlling text display
Styling the visual display
Defining styles in CSS (FLV, 14.1 MB)
Skinning Spark components
Introducing skinning (FLV, 21.0 MB)
Implementing skin parts (FLV, 17.4 MB)
Implementing skin states (FLV, 18.9 MB)
Skinning Flex applications with Adobe Flash Catalyst
Deploying Flex and Adobe AIR applications