Flex 4.6 sample application

Game of Flex on tablets

Michaël Chaize (Jan 16, 2012)

Play this learning game to discover the new features and components in Flex 4.6.

Flex 4.5 sample applications

Caltrain Times

Renaun Erickson (Sep 21, 2011)

The Caltrain Times app is a train schedule viewer for the Caltrain commuter rail system in California.


Terry Ryan (Sep 06, 2011)

Finicky is a mobile journaling app for travelers who like to keep track of locally available items and then find them again when they return.

Twitter Trends

Narciso Jaramillo (Jun 20, 2011)

The sample application gets the latest trending topics from Twitter and lets you see the tweets for each topic, as well as information on the user who posted each tweet. Also read the tutorial.


Daniel Koestler (May 03, 2011)

This survey-taking sample app illustrates simple camera integration in a Flex mobile app: create a survey, get it filled out, photograph the respondent, and review the results.

Employee Directory – Mobile

Christophe Coenraets (May 03, 2011)

A demo of a stock tracking application (using fake data), including a pannable/zoomable chart and simulating real-time data access.

Random walk component: Automation-ready sample application

Adobe (Jun 01, 2011)

Instrument the RandomWalk custom component so that your application records your user’s interaction with the component.

Flex 4.5 showcase apps

100 Days of Exercise showcase app

(Sep 27, 2011)

100 Days of Exercise encourages you to rethink how you define exercise and make it part of your daily routine.

Financial Trader showcase app

(Jun 20, 2011)

Developed using Adobe Digital Enterprise Platform with Flash Builder, this cross-platform enterprise financial analytics app features 3D charts and real-time updates.

MuniTracker showcase app

(Jun 20, 2011)

MuniTracker lets you track SF Muni locations and arrival time predictions on a map updating live every 10 seconds.

MrMixit and Pyramix showcase apps

(Jun 20, 2011)

MrMixit and Pyramix are two popular games developed in Flash Builder and Flex and available on Android, BlackBerry Tablet OS, and iOS devices.

Conqu showcase app

(Jun 20, 2011)

Conqu is an easy-to-use, yet powerful task management tool designed to help users conquer their inbox and get things done.

Netflix Queue Manager showcase app

(Jun 20, 2011)

This app makes it easy for users to connect and manage their Netflix queue, search for new titles, check out recommendations, and view titles based on their favorite movie stars.

PolitiFact showcase app

(Jun 20, 2011)

PolitiFact app helps users find the truth in politics by rating the accuracy of people's statements on the Truth-O-Meter: True, Mostly True, Half True, Barely True, False, and Pants on Fire (the lowest rating).

Tour de Mobile Flex showcase app

(May 03, 2011)

An application highlighting the new mobile components and skins in Flex as well as device-specific functionality in the mobile version of the Adobe AIR runtime.

Flex 4 sample applications

Tour de Flex

(Aug 13, 2010)

Expand what you can do with Flex with running examples of common components, effects, and coding techniques.

Spark intranet sample application

Adobe (Jan 11, 2010)

Experience how this app uses the new Flex 4 Spark components and download the source code.

DigiPri Widgets sample application

Adobe (Jun 28, 2010)

Experience how Flex 4 and other Adobe technologies can be used to rapidly develop practical applications that are also attractive and expressive.

Flex Quick Starts

(Mar 28, 2010)

Get your project going with concise, easy-to-use code examples for common tasks, including event handling, data integration, and more.

Flex 3 sample applications

Browse and view sample application code for these Flex 3 sample applications from Adobe and the Flex community. If you'd like to see what else the Flex community has built, check out the Flex.org showcase (note that not all applications in the showcase have enabled the view source code feature).

Flex 3 dashboard

Adobe (Feb 25, 2008)

This demo application displays data using a pod layout as well as charts, forms, data grids, links, and multiple behaviors such as drag-and-drop, minimizing and maximizing, and more. (Built by WASI)

Flex 3 Product Configurator

Adobe (Feb 26, 2008)

The configurator is a simple application that allows the user to choose options to create their very own custom bowling shirt. (Built by Teknision)

Flex 3 network monitor

Adobe (Feb 25, 2008)

This demo application displays devices from a network in multiple views: network topology, device type and grid. Each device thumb displays real-time data and allows a user to click it for additional data.

Flex 3 media widget

Adobe (Feb 25, 2008)

The Adobe Media Widget is an embeddable media player created in Adobe Flex. It allows you to embed any of the supported media types into a web page. (Built by Teknision)

Tour de Flex

Tour de Flex

Tour de Flex is a desktop application for exploring Flex capabilities and resources. Expand what you can do with Flex with running examples of common components, effects, and coding techniques.