27 September 2011

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100 Days of Exercise encourages you to rethink how you define exercise and make it part of your daily routine. 
When a lot of people think of exercise, they think of having to go to the gym for a couple of hours or take time to do a big run. But those can seem insurmountable for someone who is starting from scratch. 100 Days of Exercise is meant to help you reframe the definition of exercise to something basic and approachable that you can commit to for 100 days straight. Maybe it is as simple as going for a walk for 15 minutes or bike riding for 20 minutes a day. 
Once you select your exercise, 100 Days of Exercise helps you track your progress. You can share updates with your friends on Facebook and Twitter to let them know how you're doing and 100 Days of Exercise rewards you for each day in a row you do the exercise.
Read the accompanying article that describes how the application was developed.