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4 August 2007


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Required products
Flash Player 9

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Additional Requirements

To run the application, you need the following software and files:

LiveCycle Data Services ES Express

QTP resources

Note: This article was created based on Flex 2. Minor changes in the description and code may be necessary before it can be applied to Flex 3.

This sample demonstrates the automated testing feature with the popular Flex Store application. Prior to running this sample, you must install Mercury QuickTest Professional Pro 9.1 (QTP) and the Flex QTP plug-in, as described in the installation instructions for the Flex Automation Framework. You can open QTP and record interactions with this application to verify that the framework and plug-in installations were successful. (Make sure to open this application in Microsoft Internet Explorer, version 6 or later.)

For more details please refer to "Creating Applications for Testing" chapter in Using the Automated Testing API in the LiveDocs documentation.

In the Flex Store sample application, switch to the Product view and place items into your cart.

LiveCycle Data Services ES features

The Flex Automation Framework is included as a part of LiveCycle Data Services ES.