Michaël Chaize


16 January 2012


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Product used
Flash Builder (Download trial)
Flex (Download trial)
Adobe ColdFusion Enterprise Edition (2016 release) (Download trial)
Photoshop (Download trial)

Download the game and the source code

Android tablets
source file.fxp

Game of Flex is a game built with Flex 4.6 and inspired by Tour de Mobile Flex. By taking the quiz with 16 questions, you have an opportunity to discover the new components and features of Flex 4.6. At anytime, you can click the "Snippet" button and read the source code of the current sample. You can also click "Tutorial" button to read an online tutorial about the current sample.

Some tips inside the code

If you want to check the source code of the app, you’ll learn how to:

  • use the new SplitViewNavigator architecture (portrait and landscape layouts on tablet devices)
  • display HTML content inside a Flex app
  • access the camera to take pictures
  • use the BusyIndicator, ToggleSwitch and List components
  • enable multi-touch
  • manage your views
  • use the accelerometer
  • create custom AS3 item renderers for your lists
  • access the local SQLite database
  • use native extensions
  • set up the new DateSpinner component
  • display callout popups
  • set up the software keyboard to match your needs
  • declare spinner lists

Have fun!

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