by Adobe



30 November 2011


The Sales Dashboard Reference Application is a sample application created with Flex 4.6. It will introduce you to the major updates in the Flex 4.6 SDK, and demonstrate best practices for designing and developing an enterprise sales dashboard experience for mobile, tablet, and web platforms. The three Flex 4.6 Reference Applications use the ViewNavigatorApplication class as an application base for screen management, the ItemRenderer and LabeltItemRenderer/IconItemRenderer classes for list controls, and the MultiDPIBitmapSource and RuntimeDPI providers as means to manage different DPIs on different devices.
Specifically, the Sales Dashboard Reference Application will introduce you to the following features of the Flex SDK:
  • ViewNavigatorApplication
  • SplitViewNavigator
  • Callout
  • MultiDPIBitmapSource
  • SkinnablePopUpContainer
  • RuntimeDPIProvider
  • Charting Components
  • LabelItemRenderer
The article that accompanies this reference application contains detailed information about how to best build applications targeting multiple screens using the Flex 4.6 SDK, and is intended to help shorten the learning curve for Flex developers. With Flex 4.6, there are powerful new tools at your disposal for mobile and multiple-device optimization. Jumping into working code is a good way to get up-to-speed!

Installing the app

Follow the steps below to install the app and jump into working code.
  • Select File->Import...
  • Open/Expand the Flash Builder folder in the Import dialog
  • Select Flash Builder Project under the Flash Builder Folder
  • Click Next
  • Select the FXP you want to import
  • Click Finish
Note: When you import an FXP file, it will also try to import a copy of the library it uses. If you have already imported the corresponding library, change the "Import Method" in the dialog from "Import New Copy of Project" to "Overwrite Existing Project: etc..."
Repeat for each Sales Dashboard Reference Application FXP file.
Sales Dashboard FXP Files:
  • DashboardChartLib.fxpl (only need to import if you just want the library by itself)
  • DashboardLib.fxpl (only need to import if you just want the library by itself)
  • DashboardMobile.fxp
  • DashboardTablet.fxp