Introduction to security

Adobe (May 03, 2010)
Understand how to build secure Flex applications.

Flex on Java book excerpt: Securing your Flex application

Bernard Allmon, Jeremy Anderson (Mar 08, 2010)
Add authentication and authorization to specific parts of your Flex application through the use of the @Security annotations provided by the Spring Security framework.

Enterprise security for Flex

Ryan Knight (Jul 27, 2009)
Secure Flex applications with the Flexible Chimp project and Spring BlazeDS Integration project.

Creating a custom form validator in Flex

Alex Cougarman (Dec 08, 2008)
Validate user input client-side to enforce rules and improve security

Integrating Flex, BlazeDS, and Spring security

Jettro Coenradie (Oct 06, 2008)
Build secure Flex clients with BlazeDS and the Spring framework.