Curious about mobile development with Flex and Flash Builder? Take the Flex Test Drive for Mobile and learn to build and deploy a simple directory application on Android in one hour.
The following modules include videos, sample code, and short tutorials designed to help you evaluate the Flex 4.5 framework and Flash Builder 4.5. Watch the videos, browse the sample code, or step through the tutorials in sequence. Or explore only the topics of interest to you, in no particular order.
Note: This Test Drive is for web developers familiar with building applications using PHP, ColdFusion, or Java. If you have a different background or skill set and are interested in learning Flex, check out
Flash Builder 4.7
Develop apps for iPhone, iPad, BlackBerry PlayBook, and Android.
Getting started
  1. Download and install Flash Builder 4.5 Premium
    (requires free Adobe membership).
  2.  Take the Test Drive

View the finished app on multiple devices.

Add application functionality
Debug and package the application
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