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27 June 2011


Package the application


Package the application for Google Android
Package the application for iOS devices
Package the application for BlackBerry Tablet OS devices


No code is written in this tutorial.


In the previous tutorial, you learned to debug a Flex mobile application. In this tutorial, you learn to package your application for distribution.

Step 1: Make sure the project is set up to use your public server.

Make sure the server files are deployed on the public server and that the Flash Builder project server settings and the photo URLs reference your public server. Make sure the device is connected to the computer via the USB cable.
For specific details on this set up, see the earlier tutorial, Run on a device.

Step 2: Package the application for the target platform(s).

To package the application, follow the instructions in one or more of the following tutorials:
In this tutorial, you packaged your application for distribution. For further information on developing Flex mobile applications see the Mobile and Devices Developer Center.

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