Tour de Flex is an application for exploring Flex capabilities and resources, including the core Flex components, Adobe AIR, data integration, and a variety of third-party components, effects, skins, and more.
Tour de Flex has two primary goals:
  • Provide non-Flex developers with an overview of what is possible in Flex in a "look and see" environment
  • Provide Flex developers with an illustrated reference tool
System requirements:
  • Microsoft Windows, Mac OS X, or Linux


The web version of Tour de Flex
The web version of Tour de Flex
Note:  The web version of Tour de Flex has moved to the Apache Foundation. You can find it here.
About Tour de Flex

Tour de Flex, shown in Figure 1, includes over 200 running samples, each with source code, links to documentation, and other details. Topics include the Flex core components, Flex data access, AIR desktop capabilities, cloud APIs, data visualization, mapping, and a growing collection of custom components, effects, and skins.
Figure 1. The Tour de Flex component explorer
If you have suggestions for Tour de Flex or want to report a bug, please post to the Flex Forum.