Flex in a Week requirements
Prerequisite knowledge
Basic programming concepts, processes, and constructsXML, HTML, and CSS
Required product
Flash Builder 4.5 Premium  (Trial download)Debug version of Flash Player

This training course will help you understand how you can leverage the open source Flex framework to build RIAs. To make it easier for you to learn Flex, you will use the Eclipse-based Flash Builder 4.5 development tool, which includes the Flex framework and provides features such as intelligent coding, interactive step-through debugging, and visual design of the user layout.
Note: To make the most of this training, be sure to watch the videos and complete the accompanying exercises in order.
Learn about the mechanics of the training course, understand the prerequisites, and preview the topics to be covered.

Day 1: Flex basics
(ZIP, 22.2 MB)
Day 1 videos  (ZIP, 397 MB)
Day 2: Event and data basics
(ZIP, 52.5 MB)
Day 2 videos  (ZIP, 393 MB)
Day 3: Data handling and manipulation
(ZIP, 45.7 MB)
Day 3 videos  (ZIP, 284 MB)
Day 4: Page layout and animation
(ZIP, 36.3 MB)
Day 4 videos   (ZIP, 309 MB)
Day 5: Adding visual appeal
(ZIP, 42.6 MB)
Day 5 videos  (ZIP, 309 MB)
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