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1 August 2011

The ExtendScript Toolkit offers the ability to inspect the object model of any loaded dictionary, using the Object Model Viewer that you invoke from the Help menu.

Object Model Viewer (OMV) comes up as a separate, floating window. The OMV allows you to browse through the object hierarchy and inspect the type and description of each property, and the description and parameters for each method.

Adobe FrameMaker 10 OMV file has been updated to include more descriptions of properties and methods.

System requirements

Adobe FrameMaker 10 should be installed on the machine.



Setup instructions:

You will normally find the OMV file for Adobe FrameMaker 10 at C:\Program Files\Common Files\Adobe\Scripting Dictionaries CS5\FrameMaker\omv.xml and C:\Program Files\Common Files\Adobe\Scripting Dictionaries CS5.5\FrameMaker\omv.xml. Please replace these file with the new downloaded "omv.xml" file.