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19 August 2010

FrameMaker 8.0


This document contains examples, illustrations, and mini-tutorials that show the key features and proven functionality of FrameMaker 8.

FrameMaker 7.2


Implement structure in FrameMaker without providing support for XML import or export.
This white paper focuses on the XSLT features of FrameMaker 7.2, which extend the core XML authoring capabilities of FrameMaker with greater interoperability and publishing power than ever before.
Make use of the advanced multichannel publishing features in FrameMaker that work together to facilitate accessibility.
This whitepaper provides a general overview of database publishing and surveys imple­mentations by industry and document type. It also discusses the unique capabilities that Adobe FrameMaker offers, and describes some of the ways in which database publishing solutions can be implemented using FrameMaker.
The Adobe FrameMaker 7.2 Application Pack for S1000D is a collection of XML applications that show how FrameMaker 7.2 can handle complex, industry standard XML documentation requirements.

FrameMaker 7.0


Users can access the Japanese features of FrameMaker 7.0 with a familiar user interface as long as a Japanese operating system is installed. Documents created in these western operating system environments can be directly opened and edited in the Japanese environment, and then printed, distributed, and translated.