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Adobe Gaming Technologies make game development fast and easy with one codebase, console quality graphics, and unsurpassed reach.

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Profile and optimize your games. Get Adobe Scout in the Game Developer Tools. You can get Scout as part of a free Creative Cloud membership.
Add device capabilities to your games.
Flash CC is now an open source project CrossBridge. 

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All the development resources you need to build a game using Flash technologies. In the game development guide, you can learn the basics of writing ActionScript, advanced techniques for optimizing your code, how to improve theperformance of your game, and more. 
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Beautiful art, sound business decisions, and great design are also necessary components of creating a fun and successful game. In the game art, business, and design guide, you can learn about graphic effects, monetizing your game, accessibility design and more.

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Flash technology powers the most games on the web and enables some of the best-selling and award-winning mobile apps in the iOS App Store, Android Market, and Amazon Appstore.

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