Getting started with Adobe Game Developer Tools


Getting started with Adobe Game Developer Tools
Step 1 - Download

Flash Builder 4.7: Write code

Flash Builder 4.7 is the cross-platform ActionScript editor that supports Adobe Scout and includes the new ActionScript 3 Compiler (ASC 2.0). It also supports ActionScript workers, the iOS simulator, and iOS USB deployment, testing and debugging. Flash Builder 4.7 is required to use Adobe Scout.

Download Flash Builder 4.7 from Creative Cloud


Flash Professional CC: Create assets

Use Flash Professional to create game assets, animations, sprite sheets, and more. If you create assets in Photoshop and Illustrator, you can import and work with them in Flash Professional. 

Download Flash Professional CC from Creative Cloud


Adobe Scout: Profile and optimize

Adobe Scout is the new profiling and optimization tool for your content running in either Flash Player or Adobe AIR. For the first time, you have access to very granular information about CPU and GPU rendering, network or the ActionScript stack.

Adobe Scout works automatically, without changes to your code, with the released versions of Flash Player and AIR. As a result, you can profile content in-context with very little effort.

Flash Builder 4.7 is required to use Adobe Scout.

Download Adobe Scout from Creative Cloud

To profile mobile games, you also need to download the Scout Companion apps for iOSAndroid, and Kindle.


Adobe Gaming SDK: Useful tools and frameworks

The Adobe Gaming SDK includes the following tools, frameworks, and resources to help you develop great games:

  • Compiler/Packager - Contains the compiler and packager to compile your mobile (AIR) and web (Flash Player) based games.
  • Stage3D open-source frameworks - Starling, a 2D framework, Feathers, a 2D UI component framework, Dragonbones, a skeletal animation framework, and Away3D, a 3D framework.
  • Native extensions for iOS - Native extensions provide easy access to device-specific libraries and features that are not available in the built-in ActionScript classes. To get started, we provide the following ANEs: Game Center, Product Store, Social, StageAd, and BetaTesting. Note: These extensions are provided as beta. Please provide your feedback if you encounter any issues or bugs.
  • Sample projects - Hungry Hero, Invawayders, Feathers components, and projects using the native extensions.
  • Adobe Texture Format Tools - Command-line utilities to create compresssed textures (ATFs) for Stage3D. 

Download Adobe Gaming SDK from Creative Cloud

Sept 23, 2014 Gaming SDK 1.4 update

  • New Android Intel x86 platform support
  • Huge Stage3D improvements including a new “Standard” profile
  • Support for using Android devices as gamepads
  • Cross promotional and game preview support for Mobile
  • Vastly improved iOS packaging performance
  • Bug fixes in ANEs for iOS 8
  • Starling – Updated to 1.5.1
  • Feathers – Updated to 1.3.1
  • Away3D – Updated to 4.1.6
  • Dragon Bones – Updated to 2.4.1
  • AIR SDK and Compiler – Updated to 15
  • Flash Player 15 and AIR 15 release notes


November 6, 2013 Gaming SDK 1.3 update

  • Mobile Workers (concurrency) BETA – Android
  • AIR Mobile support for background execution in "Direct" render mode
  • AIR Support for iOS7 and Mac OS 10.9
  • Starling - Updated to 1.4.1
  • Feathers - Updated to 1.1.1
  • Away3D - Updated to 4.1.5
  • Away Builder - Updated to 1.0
  • Dragon Bones - Updated to 2.4
  • AIR SDK and Compiler – Updated to 3.9
  • Flash Player 11.9 and AIR 3.9 release notes 


July 11, 2013 Gaming SDK 1.2 update

  • AwayBuilder installer
  • Flash Player and AIR Gamepad support for desktop
  • 4096x4096 and rectangular texture support
  • AIR SDK and Compiler – Updated to 3.8
  • Away3D Framework – Updated to 4.1
  • Feathers Framework – Update to 1.1
  • XBOX 360 controller library for ActionScript developers
  • Flash Player 11.8 and AIR 3.8 release notes 


May 8, 2013 Gaming SDK 1.1 update


March 22, 2013 Gaming SDK 1.0.2 update


January 15, 2013 Gaming SDK 1.0.1 update


Step 2 - Setup

Copy the Adobe Gaming SDK Samples folder

The Samples folder is read-only. If you would like to edit the code, copy the Samples folder to any location on your computer.

Overlay AIR SDK 3.7 in Flash Builder 4.7

Flash Builder 4.7 comes with the Adobe AIR 3.4 SDK bundled. The Gaming SDK includes latest Adobe AIR SDK (3.7). To use it, you need to manually overlay it in Flash Builder. See Overlay AIR SDK on Flex SDK in Flash Builder for step by step directions.

Install Away Builder

Away Builder is an AIR application and will require the AIR Runtime present on your operating system.  Adobe AIR can be downloaded from  To install, simply double click the Away Builder .air installation file and follow the prompts.


Step 3 - Learn

Whether you are new to game development or just new to the Adobe Game Developer Tools, the sample games and projects included in the Gaming SDK will help you learn how to use the tools. With all of the source code, you can see how Hungry Hero was built using Starling and Invawayders using Away3D. You can demo the Feathers UI components. The native extension sample projects demonstrate how to use the native extensions in your games.

Follow these steps to import the sample games and projects.

  1. In Flash Builder 4.7, choose  File > Import Flash Builder Project
  2. Select Project folder
  3. Browse to the copy you created of the Samples folder and select the project you would like to import
  4. Click Open
  5. Click Finish

*Note: For the Feathers UI demo, the ComponentsExplorer folder inside Feathers UI Components contains the Flash Builder Project.


Learn more about using the Game Developer Tools

Step 4 - Build

That's it. You're ready to start building your game! 


Continue learning about creating great games or finding answers to your questions.




Step 5 - Profile and optimize

Once your game is running, you can begin to profile and optimize it using Adobe Scout. For detailed information on how to setup and use Adobe Scout, please read Getting Started with Adobe Scout.


Step 6 - Play!