Distribute, measure, and monetize games


Once you've finished developing and polishing your game, you're still not done. You still need to find a way to publish it, track how it's doing, and make money off it. The resources on this page can help you get started.


Distribution and monetization

There are a variety of ways to distribute your game. Two common ones are to submit your game to an app store or market, or to submit it to one of the many Flash game portals. Another alternative is to use a service that helps find a sponsor for your game. The resources below can help you get started with distributing your game. Before you begin, you should read this article on How to make money with online games.


Flash game app stores

Amazon Appstore for Android

Market your apps to tens of millions of customers using Amazon’s proven marketing and merchandising capabilities.


Android Market

Android Market enables developers to easily publish and distribute their applications directly to users of Android-compatible phones.


Apple App Store

Registered Apple Developers can access iOS SDK 4 for developing iPad, iPhone and iPod touch applications.


Flash game portals

Armor Games

In addition to hosting other developers' games, Armor Games creates free Flash games in-house.



FlashGameLicense.com connects Flash game developers with motivated sponsors.



In addition to publishing its own games, Geewa.com scouts the interwebs to find the best single player flash games to publish on their site.


Kongregate Labs

In addition to offering the most generous monetary payouts in the industry, Kongregate has proven itself as a premier destination for developers to collaborate, communicate and learn how to make better games.


Mochi Media

Mochi Media takes the hassle out of making games. Use Mochi Media's tools to monetize, track, and distribute your games.


New Grounds

Flash content is the driving force behind Newgrounds; if you have some decent talent, try submitting your games and/or movies to the Flash Portal. Even if you run your own site, submitting movies to the Flash Portal is a great way to generate traffic.



Platogo provides tools and APIs for Flash game developers to bring their games to Facebook and other social networks easily.



As the largest connected TV games aggregator and publisher, PlayJam can deliver your titles to over 450 million devices. PlayJam's extensive global distribution network spans digital TV and IP platforms across almost every continent, mobile game players plus online and connected TV platforms of major manufacturers including Sony and Samsung. 


Social networking game sites

hi5 games

hi5 is a global destination where people meet and play. As the world's largest social gaming platform, the focus is on delivering a fun, interactive and immersive social play experience online to members around the world.



Surely facebook is great platform for your games. Get the Facebook ActionScript API, and learn how to develop Facebook game and apps in Flash on the Developer Connection's FaceBook Developer Center. 


Measurement and analytics

Game analytics is more than just knowing how many users have played your game. You need to know things like what level users are dropping out and whether people are using the game tutorial. This valuable information will help you make decisions on how to improve your game, or whether it is time to move on to developing the next game.


Mochi Analytics API

The Mochi Analytics API is a free service that enables Flash games to track game sessions, plays, play time, and custom metrics no matter where your game ends up on the web.



Kontagent is a social analytics platform that helps developers track people, not page views. We help social games and applications monitor things like user acquisition, engagement, retention, and monetization.



Playtomic is the most powerful platform for Flash games offering versatile, real time analytics and flexible, scalable services you can build on with confidence.