Refer to the following FAQ to find answers to common questions related to InDesign SDKs and tools, registering your InDesign Prefix and Script IDs, prerelease programs, enterprise deployment options, the Adobe Partner Connection, and more.

How can I get access to debug software and tools?

Access to InDesign debug software is by request only. Please send an e-mail request to:

How can I get access to InDesign Server debug and runtime versions?

Access to InDesign Server software is by request only. Fill out the one-page InDesign CS4 Server download request form. Instructions for the completion of this form can be found in the PDF file.

After the approval process has been successfully completed, you will be given access to the InDesign Server debug and runtime versions. The InDesign Server SDK can be downloaded at any time.

Do you have a prerelease program for InDesign Server, and if so, how can I join?

Yes we do have a prerelease program. If you wish to join the prerelease program for the InDesign Product Family, please contact your Adobe Partner Manager or your local Adobe sales representative.

What are my enterprise deployment options for Adobe Creative Suite?

You can choose from a number of methods for deploying desktop software across the enterprise. Many companies use a time-consuming, manual installation process that requires technicians to walk from machine to machine with DVDs. A more efficient method involves third-party solutions that automatically deploy software to multiple machines and then initiate a silent installation. However, these solutions require a special installer package to be created prior to deployment. Previously, in this packaging step, an IT specialist had to manually create and edit XML files, without being able to validate their settings or check for errors, which often led to problems.

The Adobe Creative Suite 4 Deployment Toolkit supports a more efficient and reliable end-to-end silent installation process, by simplifying the packaging step for enterprise deployment. The toolkit has been tested for use with Microsoft Systems Management Server (SMS) and Apple Remote Desktop (ARD).

Learn more about the Adobe Creative Suite 4 Deployment Toolkit

What are the system requirements for InDesign, InDesign Server, InCopy, and Creative Suite?

Please follow the links below for the system requirements you're looking for:

InDesign system requirements
InDesign Server system requirements
InCopy system requirements
Creative Suite 4 system requirements

Why do I have to register my prefix ID for the Adobe InDesign plug-ins that I develop?

For Adobe InDesign plug-ins that you develop, you'll need a range of unique IDs to use in identifying the plug-ins and their elements. We'll assign you a hexadecimal prefix that has 256 possible offsets. This assigned prefix ID range does not identify you as a developer, but is only a way for Adobe InDesign to catalog each plug-in and all its associated objects by unique ID numbers.

Why do I have to register my script ID/name pairs?

All newly registered script ID/Name pairs must be unique. If you enter a script ID or name that has already been registered, the database will give you two alternate choices to continue or you can simply start the process again to choose a new pair.

How do I register and manage my Prefix and Script IDs?

Follow these steps to register your Prefix IDsand Script ID/Name pairs:

  1. If you haven't done so already, create a free partner portal account. You need this account (and must be a member of the Adobe Partner Connection) to be able to register your IDs.
  2. Follow the link that matches your needs:
    Register an InDesign Prefix ID
    Register an InDesign Script ID/Name pair
  3. Log in to your account and register (or view) your existing ID or IDs.
I registered a Prefix ID before November 27, 2002. Why can't I view it in my account?

If you registered a Prefix ID before November 27, 2002, you will need to activate your free partner portal account first, before you can view and manage your registrations. Follow the Prefix ID registration link (see previous question), click Forgot My Password, and then submit the e-mail address that you used to register your Prefix ID.

In case of questions or problems, who do I contact?

Developer support is available through a variety of complimentary online sources or directly from technical experts through the purchase of developer support cases available individually or as part of your membership in the Adobe Solution Partner Program. You can also contact your partner manager via the Software & Support section of the Adobe Partners portal: